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Oh my GOD! these keep getting better. I dig how you managed to get a totally 80's word in, DUDE. and I love how Todd has captured your tucked-in sweatpants look. You and your friend Todd continue to amaze me!

My favorite one so far. You look like you just failed the audition for the Thriller video and are skipping out on your Jane Fonda workout routine.

Thanks guys. There is no ku without the fans.


very funny message...like the way you post..( message with photograph)...very nice.

It's hard to decide amidst such an embarrassment of riches, but this one might be my favorite because of the clunky "dude" at the end to complete the line. Keep up the great work--and speaking of which, LOVE the Careers section.

I hate loverboy & I'm Canadian haha
but I love your site

cheers to the fellow under-employed

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